As Leader of Opposition – Maharashtra Legislative Council

As a leader of Opposition in the Council, Nitin Gadkari was never observed as lagging behind in raising the issues of public interest. As a true democrat and fiery orator he made it a point to remain present in the House and take part in the proceedings during the business sessions. He was always proactive in exposing the lapses of the government on various issues of public interest. He was corrective and suggestive in his criticism and all his criticism was embedded in profound concern for the welfare of the people. He raised as many as over 5000 queries through starred and un-starred questions and call attention motions in the House. He developed a style of taking all the members of Opposition with him irrespective of party or ideological affiliations in the House.

Nitin Gadkari has a magnetic personality. Even his adversaries on the treasury benches appreciate his sincerity and commitment in a most friendly manner. His book “Sabhapati Mahodaya” which depicts his select speeches in the house reflects his concerns for issues cutting across the wide spectrum of society.

A very alert and aggressive about injustice Mr. Gadkari keeps the Government on his toes. He exposes number of irregularities and flows in Government functioning and suggested practical solutions to rectify it. Mr. Gadkari continues his zeal for infrastructure development during his tenure of opposition leader. His tireless efforts for getting development funds for needy and desirer areas are well appreciated not only in Maharashtra but nearby states.