Integral Humanism & Antyodaya, the guiding philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata Party, are the pillars of the ideology of Shri Nitin Gadkari. Antyodaya refers to upliftment of the last person in the socio-economic order. It refers to the ideal of taking the fruits of economic & social development to the last person in the society.

As a person committed to the “Antyodaya” philosophy, Mr Nitin Gadkari was always active in taking up different projects to help build a strong society and nation.

He initiated an idea of forming an institute aimed at playing a vital role in creating leaders of characters, strength and focused direction of action, in the memory of the Late Bhaurao Deoras, who created history by making world class leaders out of committed followers.

Today the Bhaurao Deoras Human Resources Research and Development Institute, true to its aims and objectives, plans to provide leadership training to individuals in every field, for it firmly believes that better trained public leaders, with unity of action and purpose can change the face and fate of our country, dramatically and drastically within a small span.

A team of devoted social workers with a keen sense of nationality and awareness about social obligation are running the institute to deliver its set aims which are

  • A futuristic Institute of planning, research and training.
  • Development of committed and quality leadership.
  • Creating leadership with direction, dedication, determination, discipline and deadlines.
  • Training programs for various groups of workers.
  • Scientific analysis of the work output and setting realistic targets.