Renewable Energy

With the depleting levels of fossil fuels the emerging energy crises is a global cause of concern. Identifying this need well in advance Shri Nitin Gadkari started working in the field of renewable energy and patronized several innovative projects in the field. His visionary patronage led to the creation of the following innovative creations which are not only empirically proven correct but also are economically viable reality.

Bio Fuel:

The adverse Balance of Payment scenario of India is largely due to the import of the crude oil and the petroleum products. In order to correct the situation, at least to some extent, Shri Nitin Gadkari suggested the use of ethanol as an additive to the extent of 10% to the petrol & diesel. Due to this the import dependency will reduce to a great extent without hampering the driving efficiency of the vehicles. It is due to the perseverance of Shri. Gadkari that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is experimentally running a ‘Green Bus’ completely on ethanol, which soon will replace the entire fleet of public transport buses in the city.

Solar Pumps and Solar Fencing:

Maharashtra is a power deficit state and has to enforce ‘load shedding’ in several parts to manage the power deficit scenario. This ‘load shedding’ mostly happens in the rural areas thereby adversely affecting the irrigation scenario. In order to rescue the farmer from this ‘artificial drought’ Shri Gadkari introduced Solar Water pumps which run on electricity generated by solar panels. These have a capacity of 5 HP and are sufficient for watering large fields. The use of these solar pumps have a dual benefit; firstly it frees the farmer from the dependency on state’s power supply and secondly it saves huge amount of state power which can be diverted to other revenue generating purposes, thereby increasing the profitability of the state run generation, transmission and distribution companies.

In many areas the standing crops are destroyed by the animals and cattle, causing great distress to the farmer. This many times leads to man – animal conflicts. In order to stop this, the concept of solar fencing was introduced under the patronage of Shri Gadkari. The farm is fenced with wires that produce mild electric current, generated by solar panels, which keeps the animals away from the field. This method is becoming very popular in the state of Maharashtra as well as parts of Central India.

Biomass Stoves:

The Biomass generated in the agricultural fields after the harvest is normally used for feeding the cattle or is just wasted, as its critical calorific value is underrated. But under the visionary patronage of Shri Nitin Gadkari this agricultural waste has been turned into a cost effective and efficient fuel. The biomass is converted into small pellets which can be burnt in a specially designed stove and can be used as a clean and efficient fuel. In the city of Nagpur many hotels and restaurants have replaced their LPG run stoves with these biomass pellet stoves and are saving on huge costs. Not to say it has a twin effect again as it saves the precious LPG as well as gives an efficient and cost – effective energy source to the entrepreneurs.